10 Professional Mentoring Activities Mentors Can Practice to Boost Mentee Engagement 

In any mentoring relationship, both parties must be engaged in the process. Without engagement, the mentee will not receive the full benefit of the experience, and the mentor may become frustrated. Here are ten professional mentoring activities mentors can practice boost mentee engagement: 

1. Kickoff your mentoring relationship with coffee or tea 

Starting your mentoring relationship with a cup of coffee or tea is a great way to break the ice and get to know each other. This can be an excellent opportunity to discuss your expectations for the mentoring relationship and set some ground rules. It can also be an ideal time to get to know each other’s backgrounds and interests. 

2. Have a goal planning session 

To help your mentees set and achieve their goals, it is crucial to have a goal planning session. During this session, you will discuss what your mentee wants to accomplish and develop a plan to help them reach their goals. This will help keep your mentee engaged and motivated throughout the mentoring relationship. 

3. Do a mutual job shadow 

This is where the mentor and mentee spend time together observing each other in their work environment. This can help the mentee better understand the mentor’s work and vice versa. It also helps to build trust and rapport between the two individuals. 

During these check-ins, the mentor and mentee can discuss how things are going and any challenges they are facing. This helps to keep communication open and ensures that both parties are on the same page. 

4. Role-play 

Role-play can be a very effective way for mentors to boost mentee engagement. By roleplaying various scenarios, mentors can help mentees prepare for real-life situations. This can be especially helpful for mentees who are new to the workforce or starting a new job. Roleplaying can also help mentees to practice their social and communication skills. 

5. Discuss goal-related news or events 

Mentors can help to boost mentee engagement by discussing goal-related news or events. This can help to keep mentees motivated and on track with their goals. It can also be an excellent opportunity to provide advice and support. 

6. Read a book together

Reading a book together is a great way for mentors and mentees to bond, and it can also help the mentees develop their reading skills and expand their knowledge. This activity can be done either in person or online. 

7. Watch and discuss Ted-talks 

Watching and discussing Ted Talks is a great way for mentors to engage with their mentees. This activity allows mentors and mentees to learn from experts in various fields and provides a platform for discussion and debate. 

8. Attend a virtual or physical conference together 

Attending virtual and physical conferences can create opportunities for mutual growth, allowing the participants to learn from the best in the industry. You and your mentees also be able to stay updated on the newest trends and learn valuable lessons before others. 

9. Conduct a resume revision session 

An individual’s resume portrays their expertise, skills, and background, and it often acts as the first impression an employer gets of an employee. So, it makes sense to revise and improve your mentee’s resume as it will brighten the chances of success. 

10. Create a networking event for your mentee 

Mentees, especially newcomers, need a supportive network within their industry/domain, so they can find help and guidance whenever they need it. Mentors can connect such mentees with valuable resources, so they’re never lacking. 


We hope this article helped you learn all there is to know about professional mentoring activities mentors can practice boosting mentee engagement. Ensure that you read through the points carefully to get the maximum benefit.