Why to become a Mentee?

Why to become a Mentee?

If you wonder why to become a mentee? Then this article is for you. All of us, as a mentee in the first steps of our life we’ve got a lot of worries in every new cycle of life. First, when we go to primary school, we leave the house for the first time and face with a sense of adherence in a social environment. Then, in middle and high school, we begin to take the steps towards adulthood as well as puberty. Then the university page is opened on us, this time for both our personal development and professional life opportunities are listed one after the other, and we will stop to find out where to start and which way to choose.

The most interesting thing is that ‘school’ is always in our lives when we go through these phases. ‘School’ teaches us everything, but it does not teach life. For example, “how to make a decision” or “what does the career mean” or simply “how to choose a profession” have never been discussed in the school. If the young students are lucky, they will find their way with trial and error, otherwise an unhappy work life will be inevitable.

So how to get this life experience? What is the easiest way to learn about it?
Let’s answer this question with Malcolm Knowles’ research. In his book he explains how adults learn best: “Having a life experience is the best way of learning for adults; learning from experience of others accelerates, facilitates and enhances this process. ”

Learning from the experiences of others, that is to learn from the experiences of someone who has been there before, to have a mentor, is a unique opportunity for personal development and information for each individual. And this source of information is neither provided at school nor at university; in other words, it is difficult to access and the added value is very high. To give an example, these added values ​​created by working with a mentor are listed according to various studies:

  • Advanced self-confidence
  • Prominent career goal
  • Effective communication skills and self-expression
  • Better coping with stress
  • Network acquisition skills

This data is a portrait of an individual who has knowledge and ideas, knows what he wants and is prepared for life. These competencies create individuals who make a difference in career and personal development through effective mentoring.

Similarly, the study by The War for Talent has determined that 95% of the students who got mentoring reach their highest level of potential through mentoring. After this article, we have significant reasons to become a mentee.

You can also work with a mentor to improve your competencies and become the best you. The Mentorink platform continues to provide an efficient mentoring experience to Mentorink users.

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