5 Ways to Deal with Demotivation and Re-Motivating Yourself

Demotivation is a horrible feeling that pulls you deeper and deeper if you don’t force yourself out of it in the first place. If you do not try to re-motivate yourself, you will feel increasingly demotivated with each passing day. So, willingness to motivate yourself again is necessary because if you’re not willing to work for it, you can’t re-motivate yourself. 

Take a look at the 5 very simple and easy ways how dealing with demotivation and and achieving to re-motivate yourself.  

1. Don’t Sit Idle, Do Something 

Sitting idle is one of the biggest causes of demotivation; thus, do something as it will help you regain your productivity and energy. Do whatever you like, go on a walk or make something to eat for yourself; little tasks like these play a considerable part in recharging one’s lazy self. 

2. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others 

When you compare everything you do to others, there’s a high chance that you’ll feel like you’re not capable of doing things like them. Once the thought of not being able to do anything better than others makes room in your mind, depression rents a place in your heart. Stop comparing yourself, and you’ll feel the difference. The less you worry about besting others and more about what you have done better than your past self, the more motivated you will feel. 

3. Deal with Your Struggles 

Running away from your problems and avoiding your struggles makes you not only a coward but also causes the feeling of demotivation. The more you run away from your struggles, the more you’ll start feeling demotivated in other matters of your life. The best way to keep yourself from getting lost in the labyrinth of demotivation is to push through your problems.  

4. Openly Express Your Demotivation  

Acceptance is key to re-motivation, so openly share when you feel demotivated. Nothing is embarrassing about being demotivated; you shouldn’t act motivated when you feel totally and utterly demotivated inside. Acknowledging your demotivation makes you realize the need to take action against it and work to motivate yourself again like before. 

5. Find a New Inspiration 

One reason for your demotivation could also be a lack of inspiration. Getting tired and losing interest in your old inspirations is normal but important to consider when feeling demotivated. However, you can always find new inspirations, particularly when you are demotivated, because finding a new push will trigger your excitement. Due to the excitement you feel after finding new inspiration, you will regain your energy and productivity. 


Tackling demotivation isn’t that big of a problem but getting used to it and not trying to get yourself re-motivated is! Simple activities, openly accepting your demotivation and finding a new inspiration are some ways to help you overcome demotivation and re-motivate yourself. 

Are you feeling demotivated? Want to re-motivate yourself? Follow the five simple ways we have explained above, and you will feel the change in yourself.