6 Key Qualities about How to be a Good Leader 

Leadership comes in many forms, but what matters is that you have the qualities that a good leader possesses to fulfill your role as a leader. You might not be a leader today, but at some point in your life, you may be asked to lead. However, you won’t be able to do that if you lack the key qualities that a successful leader has. Fortunately, we have assembled a list of 6 key qualities you need to become a good one. 

1. Honesty 

Honesty is the foundation on which a good leader stands; it is an essential value a leader must have to succeed. You cannot run an organization or lead a group of people based on false hopes and promises. You need to maintain your integrity if you want to succeed. 

2. Supportiveness

Though many people believe that being a leader is an easy job, it is not; making people follow you is the hardest thing the one has to deal with. To make people follow your guidelines and keep them on the same page, you need to become someone who supports them. A good leader not only leads but supports, encourages and teaches his team members. They can learn from their experience and become better individuals and employees. 

3. Empathy 

Empathy is one quality that makes or breaks your connection with your team. If a leader believes in dictatorship and lacks empathy, he won’t be able to maintain his leadership role for long. Even a little empathy goes a long way; it can help you build lasting bonds with your team members. They will be then the ones behind your success as a leader. 

4. Transparency 

It would help if you built trust with people you lead. Transparency is one of the qualities that allow you to influence your team by proving your credibility and developing confidence amongst employees. As a leader, you are accountable for every action, what you do, why you do it, and the pros and cons of your actions; you must honestly communicate everything to the people.  

5. Active Communication and Listening

A good leader knows how to communicate with team members and convey a clear message that leaves no room for confusion or doubt. Moreover, along with being a good communicator, a leader is also a good listener. He communicates well and listens to people with interest and attention. Communication and listening are the must-have values of a leader, and these qualities help the leaders develop trust and fruitful relations. 

6. Gratefulness 

To become a good and inspiring leader, you must possess gratitude. You must acknowledge and appreciate your and your team’s efforts. Come up with fun ways to celebrate your achievements as a team; this will boost your team’s confidence and energy, and they will be able to perform even better. 


An ideal leader can possess hundreds of qualities but you do not need to have all of them to become successful. You might already have some qualities, and you can develop others you lack. The more qualities you possess, the more easily leadership will come to you. First, however, remember to focus on the key attributes because you cannot become the one everyone wishes to have without them!

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